• Mira Yayıncılık - Level 1 - White Fang
Örnek İçerik

White Fang is a wolf but he doesn't live in the wild. He lives with young Weedon Scott and his family. One day, White Fang attacks a dog and kills it. The people of the town say he' dangerous. They want to kill him! Can young Weedon save his childhood friend ?

Genel Bilgiler
ISBN 9758786520
Material Türü Hikaye
Sayfa Sayısı 50
Genişlik 13
Uzunluk 20
Ağırlık 0.108 kg
Cilt Tipi Amerikan Cilt
Kağıt Tipi 80 gr 1. Hamur

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Mira Yayıncılık - Level 1 - White Fang

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